About the Author

Christmas Me

Melika Dannese Hick has been an author since the age of fourteen and writes dream-sagas that incorporate a variety of different genres, including historical fiction, suspense, thrillers with a supernatural twist, and epic/dark fantasy. She is also a classically trained soprano/violinist/pianist, who holds a BA in Management from Saint Leo University and an MBA in Marketing from Regis University.

If she had not decided to become a writer, Melika would have become a marine biologist, but after countless years spent watching Shark Week, she realized she is very attached to her arms and legs and would rather write sharks into her stories than get up close and personal with those toothy wonders.

Melika and her husband, Julian, make their home in London, with occasional journeys into the Shire. To learn more about Melika, her books, and latest writing projects, please visit booksinmybelfry.com.